Tuesday, March 4, 2008


It is nice to be able to sit back and reflect on how far I've come with my book. It's had so many ups and downs, and by far the biggest hurtle has been cutting it in half, but I have moved on and my now 460 double spaced courier 12 point manuscript is finished. Am I anywhere near to the end of the publishing process? No. I have a few people who will read it now that it's "chopped" so to speak, one of which has never read it before. I had to edit so many things out and so much went into the second book, but I am pleased with what I have. It has been such a challenge just getting it to this point. From barely beginning, to a virus on my computer, from work and school interuptions, to editing and word count issues, it has been a lot to do. I'd have it no other way though. I hope with a solid hook, a good query, intriguing synopsis, and engaging story I will be able to get this thing published!