Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow, cold, and something to smile over

It has been uneventful lately, but the last two days have been beautiful with a soft dusting of snow. It's been cold. I've been so busy with work and my real life day to day job that I've had little time for writing. I start to get antsy and irritable, but the chocolate isn't helping. I need to write or I need stronger chocolate.

Here is something I came across on Miss Snark's blog -

How Many Writers Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

* 1 to devise a breakdown of the steps necessary to change the bulb

* 1 to stare at the bulb hoping it will change itself

* 1 to explain why changing the bulb is futile, because the next one is just going to go bad too, and without co-op we're all doomed to darkness anyway

* 1 to call their agent and publicist to make sure changing the bulb won't harm their reputation

* 1 to hold out for a bigger, better replacement bulb

* 1 to post "What's the best way to change a bulb?" on Backspace and wait for 36 answers

* 1 to extol the virtues of the old bulb, the golden glow of the light it gave, its soft, barely perceptible buzz when viable, the startling ping when it expired, the breadth of our loss, the depth of our grief

* 1 to edit the previous writer's bit whilst quoting Elmore Leonard

* 1 to bring the tequila

* 1 to bring the beer

* 1 to bring the wine

* And 1 to look around, call it a conference, and make it a yearly event

So, that'd be 13? Yes, it takes 13 writers to change a bulb.

A little writer's humor for you. Note to self: Never allow a writer to change a light bulb; a yearly event will follow.